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Only selected sensors are available on this page. See the main "Image Data" page for data available from other sensors.

To search for data, choose a Sensor, Region, and Search Method. If applicable, choose a Sensor-Specific option below.
TRMM PR, AMSRE, and SSM/I F13 are not available through this search facility. Please use the regular html pages.

Available sensors do not have data for all years. Individual sensors only have data for the following years: (range 1978-2014)

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"); switch($sens) { case 'seawinds': print("SeaWinds*"); break; case 'qscat': print("QuikSCAT*"); break; case 'tandem': print("Tandem*"); break; case 'nscat': print("NSCAT"); break; case 'sass': print("SASS"); break; case 'ers1': print("ERS (1)"); break; case 'ers2': print("ERS (2)"); break; case 'ascat': print("ASCAT"); break; case 'oscat': print("OSCAT"); break; case 'trmm': print("TRMM_PR"); break; case 'amsre': print("AMSRE"); break; case 'ssmi': print("SSMI_F13"); break; } print("


$year1"); if ($year1 != $year2) { print("-$year2"); } print("


*Note: By JPL convention the SeaWinds instrument flown on the QuikSCAT satellite is termed "QuikSCAT", while the SeaWinds instrument flown on ADEOS-II/Midori2 is termed "SeaWinds". "Tandem" refers to combined QuikSCAT and SeaWinds.


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OSCAT/SeaWinds/QuikSCAT/Tandem/NSCAT/SASS only:
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OSCAT/SeaWinds/QuikSCAT/Tandem only:
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Non-polar regions of OSCAT/SeaWinds/QuikSCAT/ASCAT only:
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Polar regions of OSCAT/SeaWinds/QuikSCAT/Tandem/ASCAT only:
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